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Qix Metek


Artist, Coder, DJ and Liveset producer since 1995, founder of the mytic " Metek Sound System",
Ber aka Qix is ​​a vintage machine hacker, passionate about electronic music and new technology.

Evolving on the underground scene since 1996, he produces EP, mix, and liveset Hard Tekno/Acid on his label "Metek Records".
Heading towards new horizons in 2018, he created "Knock Noise Records" for Acid/Techno productions.

His musicals universes, originally influenced by Hakers MegaDemo on Amiga 500, then by the famous Spiral Tribes or Dave Tipper,
have evolved, giving way to eclectic and over-vitamin productions.


1988 - 1991
Ber aka Qix and Cris create " Division 101", a duo of hackers under Commodore Amiga 500 organizing copy party and Megademo containing coding, graphics and music under the first software trackers.

1992 - 1994
Discovery of the first Rave and Free Party.

Creation of "Metek Sound System" by Qix, Cris and Culé.

Creation of "Metek Records".

Participation in the foundation of " DistroPunX" specialized in the organization of innovative events in Marseille
combining electronic music, video mapping, and unusual stage performances.

2015- 2016
Co-creation of " Dive In Records" label, oriented Techno/Deep Techno.

Creation of the Research & Sound Design company " ID-Entity" dedicated to the development of
technological and artistic projects.

Creation of " Knock Noise Records".

2019 - 2022
Development and coding of "GHOST IN THE HOST".

Creation of " SYS.101", a colaboration between Qix and FRK mixing analog Acid/Techno Music and Visual performance.



Metek Sound System

1996 - 2016

Metek was a tribal sound system established in the South of France in 1995.

Resulting from the beginning movement of the free techno in France, Metek Sound System is much more than a simple collective of musicians,
it’s a techno Tribe who has traveled France, Europe, and North America for almost fifteen years
with aim to share the discovery of its music and propagate the ideologies of this underground movement inspired particularly by the
Spiral Tribes.”

Metek has been in the initiative of the organization of hundreds of events gathering from 500 to 50 000 people:
Free Party, Tecknival and other urban manifestations.

The crew has known to weave a network of connections throughout Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic,
Hungary, the Netherlands, Canada and the United-States.

Based upon this state of mind, their label “Metek Records” and production structure “Metek Production” are independent and diffuse their work essentially in the areas called “Underground” within mostly the form of LP 33 Tours.

"The underground remains the underground, those who want to use it can only hijack it."

Metek Sound System - Tekno Resistance


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